Case study: a commercial real estate investor

With the development of customized inspection criteria for residential properties, this international real estate investor from Berlin built the foundation for a long-term partnership in collaboration with OnSite ImmoAgent. Our goal is to support our investors in their property assessments and to provide all the data and facts about a property needed for an easy decision making and completion of their sales contracts. This helps our investors to recognize a property’s “value” right from the start.

For the analysis of the potential, a standardized IT-based initial assessment of the surroundings and an external inspection of the property is carried out by our regional partners on site. The independent information and facts about the property portfolio are summarized in a textual and visual inspection report. The individualized report serves the investor as a documentation for their management meetings.

Impact in numbers

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Our client’s voice

“As an investor, we have to make a pre-selection of real estate that complies with our strategy as quickly as possible. To achieve this, we need an independent first impression of the real estate. Without OnSite ImmoAgent, we would never be able to look at all the properties available for purchase.”


An IT-based initial assessment procedure enables the investor to analyze the potential of hundreds of purchase options, using real-time data on the property and its surroundings. The regional partner network of OnSite ImmoAgent all across Germany conducts an external and environmental inspection of the property within 48 hours. At the same time, the team of experts from OnSite ImmoAgent provides the investor with a quality checked report and image material as a basis for their further purchase process.