Receive up-to-date data on your property

Save time and money

We inspect properties at different locations for you at the same time.

Comfortable handling

Receive a quality checked documentation of your property including photos and videos.

Expertise of a real estate financier

Our service has been developed in cooperation with a leading real estate financier.

Independent data

Our nationwide network provides independent data on your property.

Case Studies

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Your competent and reliable partner for inspections of commercial real estate

You need current data on your property and its surroundings quickly and in a resource-saving manner? We offer professional inspections in the commercial real estate market through our network of agents.

You as our client

require an inspection of one or several properties.

Our team

coordinates and assigns agents to conduct the inspection of your property.

Our agents

carry out inspections for you on site.

Our services

Choose a package matching your requirements from the following options:

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or optionally choose an

Individual offer

Inspection criteria adapted to your requirements with matching pricing.

How it works:

Experts for real estate inspections

OnSite ImmoAgent is an agile business with strong partners and a team based in Berlin. Our service helps you achieve a successful transaction and valuation of your real estate. Our network of agents is on site for you anytime.

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